links for 2010-08-20

  • "Journalism is a profession for storytellers, and our newsroom culture celebrates romantic myths that are generally hostile to structure. We enjoy jockeying with authority, poking bureaucrats and annoying anal-retentive city editors. Few journalists are good with numbers, and we don't see that as a weakness. It's all part of a rebellious "ink-stained wretch" identity that hasn't reflected reality in at least a generation, if in fact it ever did.
    So I understand my curmudgeonly colleagues when they scoff behind my back at the word "metadata." They don't see its value, so they mock it. The beancounters? I expect even less from them. And the newspaper management class? Don't get me started.
    That's why I don't expect newspapers to lead this charge. It's far more likely that television, or a web-only start-up, will take the lead. What's left of the newspaper industry will follow suit once it has exhausted every other possibility. Because that's just how they roll."
  • ok, if I can get a BY keyboard working w/ my Droid incredible, I'm getting this.
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  • "I think it's pretty clear that human beings are both. We're highly adaptive and responsive to cultural conditioning, but our experience and behavior also reveal deeply ingrained structures reflective of evolutionary pressures. Our culture has convinced many of us that a Big Mac, fries, and a milkshake constitute a good meal. But when we eat this way, our bodies inevitably rebel. So we're highly malleable, but only within certain biologically-imposed parameters."
  • "the Atlantic published this article, which made myself, and no doubt others think; maybe the monster homes, the McMansions of the past decades have become realistic again, not to show ones wealth and ability to carry debt, but as a means to have multiple adults and children under one roof."

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