links for 2010-07-30

  • apparently I'm not the only iPhone 3G owner who found the phone unusable after the IOS4 upgrade. this strategy might work if I was still on ATT, but I've ditched the iPhone & ATT in favor of s Verizon Droid Incredible.

    so I'm still looking for a way to revert my old iPhone to OS3, so I could sell or give it away with a clean conscience.

  • "Are we fooling ourselves in thinking $139 is cheap? Maybe not. It's widely held in consumer electronics circles that $100 is the holy grail of all price points, that "magic" spot, as Wired's Gadget Lab put it, where people start to make purchases out of impulse rather than careful calculation.

    "E-readers are inching toward that point. Forrester analyst James McQuivey writes on his blog that some e-readers may hit the $99 mark by the holiday season this year. In five years, he says, only the very-high-end models will cost that much, with lower-end e-book readers going on shelves for just $49. (By comparison, Apple's iPad, which some use as an e-reader, currently starts at $499.)"

  • More zombie cookies!!! Nomnomnomnom
  • "A legal challenge has been launched in the US against a number of websites amid claims that they were engaged in "covert surveillance" of users.

    "The lawsuit alleges that a number of firms, including Hulu, MTV, and Myspace, used a Quantcast Flash application to restore deleted cookies.

    "The lawsuit says that the application was creating so-called "zombie cookies" from deleted files."

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