links for 2010-06-17

  • "The iPad is close enough to all those other products, but just different enough to be considered in a category of its own. That sort of innovation dynamic rarely happens in any other industry, and the only reason it's seen in consumer electronics is that a computer can do so many different things through a simple interface. That fact alone should be enough to upend a lot of thinking about how consumer tech products compete with each other..

    "Looking at the data from the bottom of the infographic, apparently 68% of people plan to use it for Web surfing, while only 28% plan on using it for reading magazines. That's astounding: You'd think either of those uses would be better served on another specialty device."

  • "not everyone has a blog, and not everyone is on Twitter or Facebook. One of the benefits of having comments is that they are open to everyone — although that is obviously part of what can make them so noisy as well. The barriers to entry are low, and so there are plenty of “drive by” comments and trolling. Having people respond on their own blogs or on Twitter and Facebook can also fragment the conversation on a topic, making it difficult to follow and causing potentially valuable responses to be lost or not recognized properly."
  • Web-based application that NYT created — basically a kind of feed reader for their own site. It's OK, but now compelling. The Pulse iPad app is a much better experience. (Hmmmm…. could that be why the NYT freaked out at Apple over Pulse?)

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