links for 2010-06-13

  • "  If you're in Williamsburg or Greenpoint, keep an eye out for ghost stickers to get your learn on through your cell phone! View our Google map of plotted stickere locations to help you find your way. If you're unable to make it, though, the spoiler list below includes brief information about the people behind the places within these history-rich neighborhoods."
  • 1. Text your location to 416-662-3408. Locations should include the city and province and must be in Canada. For example: "100 queen w, toronto", "baffin island", "m6j 2y8", "laurier & elgin, ottawa". 2. In response, you will receive a custom-generated haiku evoking nature at your location. The poem reflects the local geography, season, weather, time of day, plants, and animals. Every poem is unique. It's free to participate, you pay only your normal text messaging charges.
  • "The ART Mobile Lab is a research initiative of the Banff New Media Institute at The Banff Centre. The lab was created in 2005 to enable research into mobile and location-based media design, art, technology and cultures of use. In particular, we focus on media created for outdoor spaces and communities – innovative technologies, interactions, and experiences designed for remote locations from cultural heritage sites and wilderness areas to urban parks. Our primary activities include technical R&D (mainly software development for mobile devices), content creation, design research, participant ethnography and audience evaluation, and mobile media outreach and training."
  • "Transborder Immigrant Tool is designed to repurpose inexpensive used mobile phones that have GPS antennas (through the addition of proper software which the TB project is designing) to provide emergency personal navigation, helping to guide dehydrated immigrants to water safety sites established by activists and to provide poetic audio nourishment as well. The Transborder Immigrant Tool is one of many projects that currently use some aspect of the reference APIs. Its main thrust is as an activist and public culture project that addresses the public safety issues created by the broken immigration policies of the United States; a topic of considerable interest to many communities within the sanctuary city of San Francisco."
  • "Another unexpected boon is that spending on paper—the second-biggest expense at many firms, after staff pay—has plummeted by as much as 40%. A global commodities slump depressed prices. Newspaper companies are using less of the stuff, printing fewer words on smaller, thinner pages. Particularly on Mondays, papers are often so light that they are hard to fling from a car or bicycle to a doorstep.

    "The possibility that paper prices will roar back as the world economy accelerates is only one danger facing newspaper firms. They could be crippled by their pension liabilities. Readers may suddenly balk at paying higher prices for thinner products. Yet it is also possible that advertising will begin to recover from severely depressed levels. If that happens, profit margins will inflate quickly.

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