links for 2010-06-05

  • "The past was not as golden, nor is the present as tawdry, as the pessimists suggest, but the only thing really worth arguing about is the future.

    "…Abundance breaks more things than scarcity. We are now witnessing the rapid stress of older institutions accompanied by the slow and fitful development of cultural alternatives. Just as required education was a response to print, using the Internet well will require new cultural institutions as well, not just new technologies.

    "It is tempting to want PatientsLikeMe without the dumb videos, just as we might want scientific journals without the erotic novels, but that's not how media works. Increased freedom to create means increased freedom to create throwaway material, as well as freedom to indulge in the experimentation that eventually makes the good new stuff possible."

  • When I first showed my Dad this iPad, the first thing he wanted to know was could he edit a spreadsheet on it. Now I see there's an option for a windows user like him.

    But you can't print anything directly from an iPad, as far as I know. That's gonna be a deal killer for many folks.

  • Starting Wednesday, searching for iPhone and Android apps–from your iPhone or Android phone–will likely yield a mobile app as its result. The trick, it seems, is to enter the magic word, "download," before the name of the app you seek.
    The resulting link and surround context, like a star rating and number of user reviews, isn't a direct download URL per se. More accurately, tapping the Google result opens the app's corresponding product page in the Android Market or in the iPhone's App Store.
    Google isn't promising that app searches will work for every Android or iPhone title, but its uber-engine should populate results for popular and highly rated apps. The one remaining question we have is why someone would intentionally favor as an app resource rather than the phone's built-in storefront, particularly if the Web search leads to that marketplace anyhow.
  • Resource page for installing many crucial bookmarklets, to make mobile safari easier to use.
  • "AOL, which currently outsources search to Google, began negotiating a new search deal last week, CEO Tim Armstrong said yesterday at the D8 Conference out in California.

    "Tim is just being coy. AOL isn't negotiating a search deal. It's negotiating a sale.

    "A source familiar with Tim and AOL's strategic thinking suggests that an outcome of these negotiations could be AOL's sale to Microsoft."

  • I am SO GOING to this!

    "A Festival of Locative Media and Urban Community Projects and Symposium June 11 – 13, 2010. Hands-on community workshops June 19, 2010

    "City Centered is a free, three-day festival of locative media and urban community in San Francisco. The event includes demonstrations and installations in the Tenderloin district, a symposium in the Mission district and community training workshops.

    "Over two weekends, it will engage artists, educators, civic organizations and community members of all ages in exploring how how locative media can act as a platform and venue for community-led expression. All events are free and open to the public.

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