links for 2010-06-03

  • "Froyo would give EVO users some great advantages over the Sense UI with Android 2.1, but you would be sacrificing some sexiness. Hell, if you’ve owned a G1, we already know that you seek functionality over aesthetics, but stock Android has never looked better. With Android 2.2 ported to your rooted HTC EVO 4G, you won’t have to shell out an extra $30 a month to get tethering and hotspot features, as Froyo now supports these natively. Take that, Sprint (NYSE: S).

    "There’s has been no public release of the EVO 4G rooting process, nor a release of the port itself, but from the video below, things look like they are developing swimmingly. You can see the EVO clearly getting down and dirty with the Android 2.2 OS. While it’s not a complete walk through, this is surely the real deal."

  • Another upcoming Android phone to consider
  • Most likely my next phone.mob
  • This is VERY useful if you have an iphone and are considering getting a new iphone with a new plan. Figure out which plan your data usage would warrant.
  • "The application of Twitter as a means of sourcing has irrefutably revolutionized the practice of gathering news; however, when Tweeters are utilized as sources, how do journalists validate the information that appears on the Twitosphere?
    – Look for parallels in users’ tweets
    – Try to gauge a user’s reliability
    – Try to steer clear of users with an agenda
    – Avoid profane and hate-filled rhetoric.
  • "Bing Health Maps is very straightforward to use – (1) Select a state and, (2) Select a Community Health Indicator. The map will re-center on the respective state and color-code the counties within that state based on unit-based reporting. You can select health indicators such as Birth Indicators (low birth weight, premature births, births to women under 18, etc.); Death Measures (homicide, lung cancer, stroke, etc.) or Health Risk Factors (obesity, smokers, high blood pressure, etc.). If the opacity doesn’t suit your fancy there’s a slider to increase or decrease it.

    "Once the map is loaded with the respective counties shaded you can click on any county to get all of the factors listed under the Community Health Indicator list all in one popup for that county."

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