links for 2010-06-02

  • "New pricing is good news for smartphone customers, who won’t go bankrupt if they exceed their monthly data limit. But from the iPad user’s perspective, AT&T’s new pricing is a big letdown compared to the previous, unlimited data plan. Even the most active iPhone users won’t burn through more than a couple of gigabytes every month, but iPad is a far more demanding device traffic-wise, and activities such as Netflix streaming will quickly exceed the limit in AT&T’s DataPro plan. 2 gigabytes per month is just not enough data for a device such as the iPad, and we sense that many users will feel let down by AT&T’s new data plans."
  • "Though I’m a traditionally trained reporter, most of my journalism has been online, where documenting how a story has been found is both easily done (through links) and often done. Bloggers generally explain how they discovered a news item.

    "As a result, bloggers also set themselves up for accusations that they’ve just “ripped off” some traditional news outlet. By carefully listing an originating source, and sometimes a “via” source, they expose how news flows.

    "In contrast, a traditional media outlet typically does not document how a story came to life. It’s all a mystery. News just seems to emerge magically out of thin air in the middle of a newsroom. Or, it’s down to all those hard-working reporters out there defending democracy despite newspapers earning less these days because of all those rip-off bloggers."

  • Argh… This reporter called me at 7:30 am PT to interview me for this story, woke me up… And the one quote from me she includes is wrong.

    Actually, I said that if all the local government wants to do is tweet alerts, and not use social media for two-way interaction, then the probably won't get the results they want.


  • "Interactive almanac of state politics. Ballotpedia is a free, collaborative, online encyclopedia about elections, ballot measures and access, petitions and ballot law, recalls, school and local ballot measures, and state legislatures."
  • Good beginner resource for SEO
  • Good basic starting point. Intended for commercial sites, but applies to organization sites & other projects.
  • "Internationally, the iPhone platform has significantly more unique devices than Android in the AdMob network. The ratio of iPhone OS devices to Android devices was 3.5 to 1. The report breaks out the geographic distribution of the devices in more detail; 75% of Android devices are in the North America, compared to 49% of iPhone OS devices. Keep in mind that these unique device numbers are from the AdMob network only and reflect the adoption of our products and business operations."
  • Great data resource from MobileActive. Looking for projects and examples on mobile data? Look here!
  • "The SMS and PDA-based surveying of the World Food Programme (WFP). WFP's food security monitoring systems are set up in many countries. While some countries are still submitting paper records, there is a push to incorporate PDAs or SMS data transmission for faster and more reliable monitoring of food security.

    "The data collected includes both food security baseline data and food insecurity indicators. The bulk of WFP's data collected focuses on nutritional indicators, market prices, import, cross border trades, socioeconomic indicators, and health indicators. The UN agency is trialing both FrontlineSMS and RapidSMS, two mobile data collection software tools, in its current projects, as well as PDAs but is likely going to standardize its operations using one of the two with some custom gateway software."

  • "RapidSMS is proving to be useful, though, by helping to eliminate some key inefficiencies associated with implementing large-scale, complex and data-rich programs in remote locations. As demonstrated in the case of insecticide-treated bednet distribution in Nigeria, RapidSMS’ flexibility and openness make it a versatile tool which organizations can customize depending on the specific needs and context.

 By enabling fast and informed decision-making, RapidSMS is meant to, first and foremost, “support the workers on the frontlines,” Kochi says. Whether it’s food aid delivery logisticians in a remote village in Ethiopia getting access to critical information concerning food availability, or community health workers in Zambia and Malawi having HIV/AIDS test and diagnosis results at their fingertips, RapidSMS is ensuring frontline workers no longer have to make their decisions in the dark."
  • "Today’s video: Hal Roberts and Ethan Zuckerman. They lay out Berkman’s Media Cloud platform — and discuss how it can be used by researchers to analyze patterns of influence in the news media."

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