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  • If you ever worry that your best clips may end up disappearing from the web, you can create instant PDFs to save atIf you ever worry that your best clips may end up disappearing from the web, you can create instant PDFs to save
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  • "Chinese pianist Lang Lang has performed Flight of the Bumblebee using just the iPad. There’s speculation that he used the app Magic Piano, but that’s still speculation. Regardless of the app he used, his performance is incredible, as you’ll see in this video."
  • I MUST SEE THIS!!!! "Pulp Fiction producers Michael Chamberg and Stacey Sher reportedly bought the rights to Alan Goldsher’s novel Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion to develop a film adaptation. In the book, Paul, George, Ringo and John transform into brain-hungry zombies who use their subliminal-message-laced tunes to lure fans back stage where the flesh-eating can commence. All the while, the undead rock stars must escape from Britain’s number one zombie hunter: Mick Jagger. Oh, and Yoko Ono makes an appearance as an Eighth Level Ninja Lord."
  • "The fact that people disclose so much information about themselves on Facebook shows the online disinhibition effect in action. What this research reveals is that young people and those looking for connections online are likely to disclose the most information.

    "Despite these debates often being couched in terms of fear of others and transgressions of privacy, what's often forgotten is the simple fact that self-disclosure is the first step towards intimacy, something we all need. Still, it's a potential vulnerability that relationship seekers might bear in mind."

  • "American consumers who don’t qualify for a traditional post-paid cell phone plan are driving the growth of the pre-paid wireless marketplace. This segment of the wireless market has grown at higher rates than the post-paid market, in part due to the recent recession.

    "However, even in today’s tough economy, this segment of low-credit prospects represents a discrete subset of the overall wireless market. Acknowledging this, pre-paid wireless marketers have expanded their horizons searching for other reasons people choose a pre-paid plan"

  • "The news media cannot survive only on the well-salaried, college-educated demographic that so far has flocked to iPhones, Blackberries and Droids. But if a timeclock-puncher can choose to pay for Web service just a few times a month to access a newspaper’s food section or just turn on the data plan during the World Series, we have an foot in the door to their information world.

    "Consider the possibilities: Offer top-up data minutes in circulation contests. Slap a logo decal on a pre-paid phone and giving it away with a print subscription. Post a daily, quick download news summary that costs the user just a couple of cents."

  • MUST LISTEN! HILARIOUS! Lewis Lapham recounts his days as a cub reporter in the Oakland bureau of the SF Examiner in the 1950s. Great podcast from The Moth storytelling series
  • audio podcasts of sessions about mobile development for iphone & windows

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