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  • "It is time for the "mainstream" media to mirror that model and incorporate coverage of the white population into the race beat. That beat emerged during the 1960's civil rights and black power movements. Prior to that time, people of color were largely ignored by white-owned media.

    "While purposely covering communities of color was meant to make up for the sins of the past, in many instances it has meant that those media have often looked at people of color solely through the prism of race."

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  • "The revamped Sense interface offers some useful new functions for easy navigation. My favorite feature, called Leap, is an elegant way of handling multitasking. Pinch anywhere on the homescreen, and you'll jump to seven thumbnail versions of your open pages. From there, you can go to any of those open applications or close out of one.

    If you were holding out for a Verizon-compatible Nexus One, you might consider the Droid Incredible instead: It has stronger specs, unique hardware and a better user interface. And until the HTC EVO 4G comes out this spring, the HTC Droid Incredible might just be the best Android phone out there. But can it compete with the upcoming iPhone 4G? We'll just have to wait until summer."

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  • J@ME is the platform for many feature phone apps.

    "Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) is Sun's version of Java aimed at machines with limited hardware resources such as PDAs, cell phones, and other consumer electronic and embedded devices. J2ME is aimed at machines with as little as 128KB of RAM and with processors a lot less powerful than those used on typical desktop and server machines. J2ME actually consists of a set of profiles. Each profile is defined for a particular type of device — cell phones, PDAs, microwave ovens, etc. — and consists of a minimum set of class libraries required for the particular type of device and a specification of a Java virtual machine required to support the device. The virtual machine specified in any profile is not necessarily the same as the virtual machine used in Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)."

  • "One proposed solution to the intermittency problem is to tie many wind farms together with a transmission line — making an electric grid, as it were, consisting of wind turbines. Now, Willett Kempton of the Center for Carbon-free Power Integration at the University of Delaware and colleagues have shown how this “all-for-one” approach might work with offshore wind farms along the Eastern Seaboard.

    "The researchers looked at five years of wind data from 11 sites. They found that, as expected, fluctuating wind conditions caused power output to rise and fall at each site and sometimes reach zero.

    But since wind conditions can differ greatly over the 1,500 miles of coastal ocean, when the researchers simulated connecting all the sites with a high-voltage undersea transmission line, the overall output became much more stable — reaching full or low power less often and never, over the five years studied, reaching zero power.

  • Not as many to choose from as firefox, but still worth checking — and better than Safari.
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  • Example of how feature phones now have a lot of features. However, this article does not mention cost to user (up-front and monthly)

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  • "The iPhone, Blackberry, Droid and smartphones in general dominate the buzz in the mobile market, but only 21% of American wireless subscribers are using a smartphone as of the fourth quarter 2009 compared to 19% in Q3 2009 and 14% at the end of 2008. We are just at the beginning of a new wireless era where smartphones will become the standard device consumers will use to connect to friends, the internet and the world at large. The share of smartphones as a proportion of overall device sales has increased to 29% for phone purchasers in the last six months and 45% of respondents to a Nielsen survey indicated that their next device will be a smartphone. If we combine these intentional data points with falling prices and increasing capabilities of these devices along with a explosion of applications for devices, we are seeing the beginning of a groundswell. This increase will be so rapid, that by the end of 2011, Nielsen expects more smartphones in the U.S. market than feature phones."
  • "Apple Inc. plans to begin producing this year a new iPhone that could allow U.S. phone carriers other than AT&T Inc. to sell the iconic gadget, said people briefed by the company.

    "The new iPhone would work on a type of wireless network called CDMA, these people said. CDMA is used by Verizon Wireless, AT&T's main competitor, as well as Sprint Nextel Corp. and a handful of cellular operators in countries including South Korea and Japan. The vast majority of carriers world-wide, including AT&T, use another technology called GSM."

  • "AT&T has stunned me again. Faced with widespread consumer anger over its poor wireless data and voice services, the reincarnated Ma Bell is going to offer its customers a fix: a mini cell repeater in their home, using femtocell technology. Here's the astonishing catch: You'll have to pay for it.

    "That's right. AT&T is admitting that its mobile service is subpar (I'd use the word "stinks") in many areas, so it will charge its customers as much as $150 to buy a so-called MicroCell that will give them what they expected in the first place: decent connectivity."

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  • "The iPad doesn't have a built-in camera, but you can give it something better. By putting an app onto each an iPad and an iPhone, you can connect the two via bluetooth and have a wireless camera for your iPad. All you need to do is download the Camera A and Camera B apps onto your iPad and iPhone respectively—note that Camera A will set you back a buck while Camera B is free. Once you've got the apps on your devices, make sure bluetooth is switched on, and open the apps. Ta da! You'll see everything your iPhone's lens sees on your iPad.
  • MUST-LISTEN PODCAST!!! On how being an overachiever is a bad thing, and the importance of being average. I have sabotaged myself so often by falling prey to overachiever syndrome.
  • "I compared the design and content of the Times and Wall Street Journal on the iPad earlier. Now let’s take a look at how you interact with their apps.

    "The early signs are somewhat worrisome, implying that these two papers think they can partially return to the cloistered existence of the pre-Web days. That’s clearly a mistake."

  • "For people who lift weights to tone up and slim down, experts say, a regimen that includes a combination of challenging weights and fewer repetitions can help significantly. In a 2002 study, for example, scientists looked at what happened when women performed various resistance exercises at different weights and repetitions (85 percent of their maximum ability for 8 reps, versus 45 percent for 15). Subjects lifting more weight fewer times burned more energy and had a greater metabolic boost after exercise."
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  • "Will my homeowner's or renter's insurance policy cover libel lawsuits?

    "Maybe. Eugene Volokh's the Volokh Conspiracy notes that homeowner's insurance policies, and possibly also some renter's or umbrella insurance policies, generally cover libel lawsuits, though they usually exclude punitive damages and liability related to "business pursuits." (This would generally exclude blogs with any advertising). You should read your insurance policy carefully to see what coverage it may provide."

  • If you're watching "Lost," you're probably wondering how the writers are going to resolve all of the questions about time and parallel existences. Sean Carroll, physicist at California Institute of Technology and "Lost" fan, is wondering the same thing.

    But as far-fetched as the show may seem, there are ways in which concepts from modern physics could explain what's happening in terms of time, says Carroll, author of "From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time."

  • Today, the court’s decision [PDF] states that while the FCC is permitted to make rules and issue orders to fulfill its own responsibilities, “for a variety of substantive and procedural reasons those provisions cannot support its exercise of ancillary authority over Comcast’s network management practices.”
  • "Compare: A set of pricing models that deliver marginal value for premium prices and show very little that differentiate themselves from the web experience, although they expect to charge more. These pricing models are based on a sense of entitlement to set pricing as it was in the days of print.

    "To: A set of strategic pricing structures. NPR takes a realistic look at the commercial potential, does market research and develops its app not just for a single device but also as a chance to make improvements to their overall service. The FT experiments not just with content but also with the commercial strategy.

    "If any company thinks that the iPad will allow them to rebuild the monopoly rent pricing structure of the 20th Century, then you’ve really fallen prey to the Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field, and you’ve blown yet another chance to build a credible digital business. However, I’ve got a game you might want to check out, Final Fantasy."

  • "Been reading an old book, Norman Dixon's "Psychology of Military Incompetence" over the Easter break – I was told it it describes hierarchical incompetence rather than just military incompetence – ie any hierarchical structure where some people have to obey the commands of others is prone to this problem.

    "In Chapter 13 he lists 14 tendencies which in his view are the main contributing factors to incompetence. its interesting to look at some of the current examples – take for example the Olde Media's inability to see the new order emerging…"

  • Popular free mobile analytics tool
  • Service I want to check out. "Whether you want to send coupons, a simple text message response, or connect to an elaborate SMS application or API, with Mobivity you'll be connected instantly! Our Mobile Marketing service is simply the easiest and most inexpensive way to integrate text messaging into your business. Mobile Marketing is no longer just for big brands! With Mobivity, small to medium sized businesses can have the same capabilities at a fraction of the cost."
  • Useful blog about the fast-moving world of mobile analytics
  • If you have a US iPhone and are traveling to other countries, it's a good idea to eject your SIM card before you travel. This will disable all cell service and allow you to avoid unexpected roaming charges.
  • "This site provides a simple bookmarking service. We follow your twitter feed, and whenever a status you tweet or re-tweet contains URLs, we add them to your bookmarks. Optionally, bookmark URLs in @replies to you, and in tweets you mark as Favorites."

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  • These suggestions are from the Society of Environmental Journalists, the organization that represents reporters, producers, editors, photographers, and others who cover environmental issues for news media. News media are still the principal channel through which most Americans get their information about the environment. Without transparency to the media, there can be no transparency to the public.

    "While the Obama/Jackson administration has taken steps to make government more open and transparent to the general public through social networking and the Internet, EPA has also continued some policies and practices of the Bush administration that make it harder for environmental journalists to get the information they need to do their jobs. Specifically we urge EPA to…"

  • Based in Oakland: "We address the disconnect between community knowledge and “authoritative research” by helping communities learn and apply social science tools so they share “expert status” with policymakers and academic institutions."
  • "What we are seeing is the decline of the classic African liberation movement and the proliferation of something else — something wilder, messier, more violent, and harder to wrap our heads around. If you'd like to call this war, fine. But what is spreading across Africa like a viral pandemic is actually just opportunistic, heavily armed banditry. Most of my time is spent immersed in these un-wars.

    "I've witnessed up close how combat has morphed from soldier vs. soldier (now a rarity in Africa) to soldier vs. civilian. Most of today's African fighters are not rebels with a cause; they're predators. That's why we see stunning atrocities like eastern Congo's rape epidemic, where armed groups in recent years have sexually assaulted hundreds of thousands of women, often so sadistically that the victims are left incontinent for life. What is the military or political objective of ramming an assault rifle inside a woman and pulling the trigger? Terror has become an end, not just a means."

  • If you're craving zombie music as much as your crave tasty brains, dowload this music mix. (gurgle… drool….)
  • "Distinct from a business entrepreneur who sees value in the creation of new markets, the social entrepreneur aims for value in the form of transformational change that will benefit disadvantaged communities and, ultimately, society at large. Social entrepreneurs pioneer innovative and systemic approaches for meeting the needs of the marginalized, the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised – populations that lack the financial means or political clout to achieve lasting benefit on their own."
  • Interesting look at how architects and builders are trained, and how that affects building sustainability. Argues for blending apprenticeship with traditional education.

    "Donna Vakalis speaks with Julian Smith, director of the Willowbank School about green architecture and reviving the design/craft ethos in archtectural studies."