links for 2010-04-21

  • "As a result of today’s news I suspect we’ll see quite a few active networks jump to whatever the cheapest premium option is; I don’t expect Ning to make it especially easy to port their data to a different service. There will also certainly be a backlash from Ning’s vocal community of Network Creators, many of whom have invested quite of bit of time building out their niche networks."
  • "we’ll be phasing out our free service. On May 4, 2010, we will share with you all of the details of our new offering, including features and price points, through a series of blog posts, emails, and conference calls. We recognize that there are many active Ning Networks for teachers, small non-profits, and individuals and it’s our goal to have a set of product and pricing options that will make sense for all of them. For Ning Creators using our free service who choose to move to another service, we will offer a migration path and time to make that change. We will still continue to allow free trials and test networks on the Ning Platform."
  • "This report takes an in-depth look at Hispanics who are ages 16 to 25, a phase of life when young people make choices that-for better and worse-set their path to adulthood. For this particular ethnic group, it is also a time when they navigate the intricate, often porous borders between the two cultures they inhabit-American and Latin American.

    "The report explores the attitudes, values, social behaviors, family characteristics, economic well-being, educational attainment and labor force outcomes of these young Latinos. It is based on a new Pew Hispanic Center telephone survey of a nationally representative sample of 2,012 Latinos, supplemented by the Center's analysis of government demographic, economic, education and health data sets."

  • "Text messaging has become the primary way that teens reach their friends, surpassing face-to-face contact, email, instant messaging and voice calling as the go-to daily communication tool for this age group. However, voice calling is still the preferred mode for reaching parents for most teens."
  • "The Austin American-Statesman recently began to let advertisers pay for tweets that appear on two of the Statesman's Twitter accounts, @Statesman and @Austin360. Two local businesses — a restaurant and "Mansion of Terror," a local haunted house — took the Statesman up on its offer last fall and paid for a couple of days worth of tweets.

    "For $300 per day, the advertisers were given one tweet in the morning and one in the afternoon. They sent their tweet to Quigley, who looked it over and then sent it to a Statesman advertising representative to publish. Quigley said he worked closely with the paper's ad department to establish some guidelines for advertisers."

  • Intriguing! "In addition to maintaining the free service, which has been acquired from The Bakersfield Californian by FeedBrewer Inc. in exchange for an equity stake, FeedBrewer will expand Printcasting's democratized-publishing approach to apply to more than just print. We'll be adding additional outputs for smartphones, starting with the iPhone and Blackberry, and tablet computers, including Apple's new iPad."

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