links for 2010-02-23

  • Mobile application platform HipLogic is rolling out a consumer version of its smartphone interface for non-smartphones. HipLogic Live is a free downloadable application will deliver content—including Facebook, Twitter, CBS news, CBS sports, and weather—to select Windows Mobile or Symbian devices.
  • "GetJar generally reaches out to people who carry the least-expensive handsets — in other words, the non-smartphone crowd. CEO Ilja Laurs compares GetJar's app store with Wal-Mart. Just today, GetJar is announcing a partnership with Sprint to open up its app catalog to most phones in Sprint's lineup.

    "Smartphones garner most of the attention nowadays, but they still represent a relatively small slice of the total cellphone market. The plainer handsets that GetJar typically targets are called "feature phones" by the wireless industry, an oxymoron.

    "You can employ GetJar on smartphones and feature phones. And you may well come across apps in GetJar that aren't available, say, in Nokia or BlackBerry's own stores. But it works both ways; those stores have apps that GetJar doesn't have.

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