links for 2010-01-31

  • When I upgraded to a new macbook pro with a smaller display, my finder font size shrank. This is how I fixed it.
  • "However, the new reference in Apple’s e-mail about certain features and applications not being available or being priced differently depending on a customer’s location raises unanswered questions. It could refer to content-oriented applications (movies, books, magazines, etc.), which in their physical forms, vary in price based on location — we already know that this is true of books. But all we really know about that at this point is that the iPads sold in one area will differ in features and app prices from iPads sold in another area.

    "The agency approved the iPhone about a month after Apple announced it. Unless there’s an unexpected hiccup, it will most likely do the same for the iPad. A conspiracy theorist might say that Apple secretly hopes the FCC will step in and “force” it to sell the iPad to all of its potential customers, regardless of which wireless carrier or plan they want to use, but that seems like wishful thinking."

  • Q: "Do you see this magnificent fabric? raccoon on fire, raccoon drowning, raccoon digging his own grave? raccoon hog tied and dead… why is the raccoon getting tortured so?"

    A: Because raccoons are evil, conniving, vicious, thieving, malicious, and entirely-too-intelligent enemies of mankind. I swear, after we're gone, they'll be giving the cockroaches a run for the money. Plus they have opposable thumbs.

    (tags: fun humor design)
  • New research fr SF State. Doesn't mention polyamory specifically, but it's about ethical, consensual, honest nonmomogamy

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