links for 2010-01-25

  • "It is impossible for an independent author like Violet Blue to publish free for Kindle. From what I can see there is one of two possibilities here, both of which make a much more deeper and interesting story:

    "Possibility #1: Amazon is entering into special agreements with certain independent authors – and thus not playing a square game with the rest of their authors. Perhaps this is to drive traction to their e-reader, but to the detriment of maintaining a level playing field and equal publishing ecosystem. Or…

    "Possibility #2: Mainstream publishers (who apparently use different platforms to publish ebooks into Kindle marketplace) are able to set a zero price on their books. I note this option because despite the “independents kick it to the man” fairy tale Motoko Rich paints in her NY Times piece, those two free books written by Ms Blackstock are also available as ‘hard-copy’ paperbacks for $10.19 published by publishing house Zondervan. Not so ‘independent’ after-all.

  • "Let’s learn from the mistakes a bunch of us made back in the 90’s when we put up online “discussion” rooms and held online “town halls.” If you want the pay-off – if you want good ideas and positive outcomes – you have to invest the resources and plan strategically. Think of it as running a meeting. Here are some tips…"
  • "My future will be rosier if a value is put on name-brand news. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have either a distinctive enough voice or clear enough point of view to draw a profitable audience as a blogger. Being abroad doesn’t help. As a would-be startup, all of this adds to the pressures and uncertainty. I will literally be updating my business plan after this week’s news, though trading in one set of uncertainties for another."
  • "Is that God talking to you on your iPod? Do you get an RSS feed from your priest's blog? Pope Benedict XVI hopes so. The theme for his annual World Communications Day message, "New Media at the service of the Word," saluting technology in the service of evangelism, was released Saturday. The event is May 16."
  • To get totally unbiased Google results use, this proxy search service/

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