links for 2010-01-23

  • "I've long complained about online news publications that automatically redirect all requests from mobile devices to their mobile home page. The practice kills deep-linking online, which is especially frustrating when the deep link comes from the news organization's own Twitter feed.

    "But today, I'd like to highlight another frustrating practice by some news organizations – publishing incomplete articles to the mobile version of their websites or smartphone apps.

    "I'm illustrating two examples here today, but I've encountered so many on my iPhone over the past several weeks that I often wonder if many news organizations employ anyone to actually read their mobile publications, or if they merely entrusted their mobile versions and apps to automated processes.

  • "The biggest barrier nonprofits face in raising money via “text to donate” campaigns is the price tag associated with setting up unique shortcode campaigns through a mobile app vendor who not only works with nonprofits but with mobile carriers like AT&T. According to the mobile vendor mGive’s website, “New shortcodes are leased through the Common Short Code Administration. Leases are a minimum of three months and must be paid upfront. The cost is $1,000 per month for a vanity code and $500 per month for a random code.”

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