links for 2010-01-13

  • Pretty good coverage of the tech scene in my former hometown 🙂
  • Google's announcement that it will "review" its business operations in China and is no longer willing to censor its Chinese search engine,, is generating a range of reaction in China. Conversation over at the #googlecn hashtag on Twitter – created shortly after the announcement – has been raging fast and furious. The Chinese Twittersphere – comprised exclusively of people who are tech savvy enough to know how to get around censorship or they wouldn't be there – is generally cheering the news.
  • "The PEJ study defines news as news has been defined. We should be rethinking our definition of what is news — for many people, it’s not stories about juvenile justice, one of Pew’s subjects — and how it should be covered — not necessarily in articles — and how it is spread — that is the role of blogs and twitter — and not be stuck in old measurements."
  • In fact, the PEJ survey starts with the statement that “much of the ‘news’ people receive contains no original reporting”, and that “fully eight of 10 stories studied simply repeated or repackaged previously published information”, often even without attribution.

    Subsequently, the report comes to the conclusion that out of the two in 10 stories that did contain new information, most of it – 95% – came from traditional media, mostly newspapers.

    Wait, from two out of 10 stories to 95%?

    It was this weird numbercrunching that got blown up by the newspapers,

  • Wow, next time I need a crown, I want to get it done this way!
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