links for 2009-12-10

  • "Life may be expensive but at least *you* can get another beer, to drown your politically savyy sadness…"
  • Great context for Copenhagen: what might be possible re: China's environment. Attitudes, examples, politics, society.

    "China has a long and colorful history that has culminated in rapid urban development. In western China, where significant wilderness areas still remain, the country is a biodiversity hotspot that is under threat. In this audio lecture, Peking University Professor Lü Zhi discusses the history that has led to China’s environmental problems. She also shares three examples of situations that represent how ecological improvements can be made, even in a relatively poor country. Lü shares her experience with a group of students about to leave for a service learning trip to China organized by the Stanford Center for Social Innovation's Public Management Program to explore energy and environmental issues."

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