links for 2009-10-27

  • "Tonight Google is launching a third option, a new feature that allows mobile users to move their voicemail away from their carrier and over to Google Voice. The benefits: your mobile voicemails go into your Google Voice inbox along with other voicemails and text messages, plus you can create custom greetings for callers and your voicemails are all automatically transcribed (sometimes hilariously)."
  • "Other utilities in the U.S., including CenterPoint, National Grid, San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison are looking at ways to use WiMAX in smart grid deployments. SDG&E, for example, wants to use WiMAX for 30 percent of the network where higher bandwidth is required for applications like collecting large amounts of data on voltage, current and frequency in real time."
  • "The nation’s top business lobby is going too far, and is abusing the DMCA takedown provisions, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is representing the Yes Men (.pdf) in the copyright dispute. EFF lawyer Matt Zimmerman fired back a response to the chamber Thursday, saying the pranksters would not voluntarily take down the page.

    “It’s hard to argue that this is not for purposes of commentary and criticism, which are protected,” Zimmerman said in a telephone interview.

    "A close read of the original release, which is not really by chamber president Thomas J. Donohue, makes it easy to conclude that it’s a fake, a hoax or a parody protected by copyright law, Zimmerman said. It does not matter that Reuters, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNBC and others reported the fake news as real on Monday. The first question under a fair-use analysis under copyright law is: What is the nature and purpose of the work at issue.

  • A photo roundup of zombie walks

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