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  • "A more stringent copyright regime would probably be a bigger threat to newsgathering than that of any blog. A less cumbersome way for newspapers to head off the threat of blogs would be."
  • Before the event, I went to the site to create the #fairmont5th story and invited about half of the event's guests to participate. Currently, guests must be added individually, which is rather time-consuming for an event like this, with 80 RSVPs. Note: could we combine somehow with EventBrite or the event's TwitVite to simply import the guest list?

    However, once I arrived at the event and logged in to the nifty Whrrl iPhone app, my created story didn't appear anywhere on the app, so I had to create a new one, with no guests. And I quickly discovered that photos and captions posted via Whrrl didn't cross-post to Twitter. So let me get this straight: I have to Tweet a photo and then send it to the Whrrl story separately? That's too much work for this Gen Xer with a bent towards efficiency. I'd much prefer that Whrrl simply be able to import all the Tweets and photos that I've tagged with the event hashtag automatically. Now THAT would be useful!

Kindle Problem: No reformatted PDFs, no Instapaper since late July

UPDATE Aug 5: Amazon’s Kindle support called me this morning to let me know that they’d fixed the pdf conversion problem — which is indeed now working. (Thanks, Amazon.) However, I still am not receiving my Instapaper digests on my Kindle. I’ve contacted Instapaper twice about this; no response yet. I’ve also let Amazon know of the continuing Instapaper problem.

I’m an avid Kindle user, mostly because I’ve come to hate paper and need to save space. I love the device, I think it’s a great reading experience and it suits my lifestyle — even though Amazon’s choice to rescind my George Orwell anthology a few weeks ago was simply beyond parody. (Lesson: Back up all your Kindle content as soon as it arrives on your machine. I put Orwell back on my Kindle simply by copying it from my backup.)

In the last couple of weeks some significant problems have developed concerning non-Amazon content for my Kindle — specifically PDFs I’ve been trying to reformat for Kindle reading, and digests sent to my Kindle from my Instapaper account. In late July both of those services stopped working for me entirely. That’s a big problem for me. Without those services, the Kindle is much less useful to me.

I don’t know whether other Kindle users are having these problems, but I thought I’d explain what I’m experiencing just in case someone has an explanation or solution. I’m working with Kindle support on this, but they said it might take a couple of weeks to resolve.

Here are the details…
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  • FlowingData explores how designers, statisticians, and computer scientists are using data to understand ourselves better – mainly through data visualization. Money spent, reps at the gym, time you waste, and personal information you enter online are all forms of data. How can we understand these data flows? Data visualization lets non-experts make sense of it all.