links for 2009-08-26

  • "The price cut, moreover, to $199 for the Sony Reader Pocket due out at the end of this month, makes it the lowest-priced device yet in the e-reader category. And open standards make it appealing for those afraid of locking into a proprietary system. Sony has a deal to offer Google's 500,000 digitized book collection to Reader users free, and recently announced a commitment to convert the Sony eBook Store to the ePub format, an open standard backed by the International Digital Publishing Forum, by year's end."
  • My friend, journo Charlotte Anne Luca, is asking for people to help in her effort to research her mom's cancer. Many people have already been helpful. Check this out to see if you can help:

    "Now here’s the part where my friends who are journalists, research librarians, and just dogged diggers can help: What else or where else should we look for? Is this the best option? What do you know?"

  • SO TRUE!!! "Every day, around 30 new people follow me on Twitter. Then around the exact same number of people usually unfollow me. They’re apparently upset that I haven’t blindly reciprocated their “friendship,” despite the fact that they’ve never even said “hi” or interacted with me. They’re so obsessed with numbers games… that they don’t seem to understand the most basic social networking principle, where you have to be sociable and personally interact with people before you win their trust and friendship."
  • Charlotte Anne Lucas told me about this: "Kind of like Utterli but stronger live streaming audio.Kind of like Kyte, but audio-er."

    Official blurb: "ipadio allows you to broadcast from any phone to the Internet live. Phone blog, collect audio data, record and update the world, or simply let your mates know what you're doing – ipadio is integrated with Social Media & Blogging platforms."

  • Case study in how to craft a tweet fox maximum usability & promotional value. Very valuable advice from Jakob Nielsen which can apply beyond simple marketing & promotion uses of Twitter.

    "Text is a UI: It's a common mistake to think that only full-fledged graphical user interfaces count as interaction design and deserve usability attention. As our earlier research has shown, URLs and email both contribute strongly to the Internet user experience and thus require close attention to usability to enhance the profitability of a company's Internet efforts. In fact, the shorter it is, the more important it is to design text for usability."

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