links for 2009-07-24

  • se this interactive exploration widget to map polyamorous relationships, and to examine their characteristics. This is used in my write-up for the Poly Equation.

    This tool is written in Javascript, using the HTML Canvas. If your browser lacks a standard canvas, this will almost certainly be entirely useless. Your best bets are Firefox (on which this was written), Opera, Safari, and similar standards-compliant browsers.

  • WHAT IS TATTLER (app)?
    Tattler (app) is an open source topic monitoring tool for today's Web. Tattler finds and aggregates content from the Web on topics you ask it to monitor. Using semantic Web technologies, Tattler mines news, websites, blogs, multimedia sites, and other social media like Twitter, to find mentions of the issues most relevant to your organization.
    Built and distributed on open source Drupal, Tattler's unique workflow and a toolset of intelligent content processors allow users to easily filter, organize, share, and take action on content gathered from the Web.

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