links for 2009-06-07

  • "In dozens of laboratories, these researchers are folding DNA into complex shapes, experimenting with molecular origami like apprentices learning to pleat their first paper swans.

    "It seems playful, but it's a serious pursuit. Taking advantage of DNA's ability to assemble itself in predictable ways, researchers are toying with devices on an atomic scale that can build themselves from scratch and then replicate for as long as there are raw materials. "This is a different kind of chemistry," says bioengineer Erik Winfree at the California Institute of Technology. Still in its infancy, it promises to one day make the molecular machinery of life into a factory production line."

  • Chart: "Google Wave was big but waning; Bing may have more staying power; Google Squared was a blip (but it’ll be back) and the Palm Pre marches on."
  • "I think I'll remember last week as the moment when I finally knew, with a certainty approaching fatigue, that the newspaper industry – the business and passion that both shaped and warped me over the past 20 years – had chosen ritual suicide. The choice appears grimly reached and irrevocable."
  • Google Map of a Boulder bike ride generated automatically from the iPhone app MotionX-GPS
  • very cool geo iphone app, I'm trying it out.
  • "According to the Twitter blog, there will be a special seal on any account that is verified by Twitter as being authentic. This seal, which you can see in the image above, will appear at the top right of profile pages. This is targeted toward public officials, public agencies, athletes, and other high-profile individuals.

    "As to how actual verification will work, it seems that Twitter will look to see if an official channel of the person in question links to his or her Twitter account from a place like an official website. This is a perfectly logical way to verify accounts, in our opinion. Details are scarce on the full plan, though.

    "The Verified Accounts program will begin as an experiment this summer and will expand as Twitter gets more feedback. We’re glad to finally see a system in place that will hopefully put an end to impersonators and expensive lawsuits.

  • Doyle Albee is using this, sounds cool

    "Sprint is launching the Novatel MiFi 2200 personal hotspot on its network. If you're not familiar with this product that other carriers already use, it connects to Sprint's 3G network and turns it into a local WiFi bubble of around 30 foot around you. It runs on battery and can last a theoretical 5 hours in active mode and 40 hours in standby mode. It is still a 3G wireless connection, so don't expect multi Mbps speeds, but still, it's convenient.

    "The price of the device is $100 (after a $50 rebate and a 2-yr plan). Sprint has two monthly plans that go for $60/mo (data only) or $150/mo "simple everything plan" (voice+data). don't forget that there's a monthly 5GB cap."

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