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  • The Boston Globe reportedly struck a deal with its largest union today to keep the paper going – but how long will it last? Young journalists are now acting as reporters, photographers, videographers and computer programmers – all wrapped into one. Is the all-platform journalist the answer? Or will these young minds come up with a new form of journalism? Our guests are Sara Gregory, a junior at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; Joel Stonington, a grad student at Columbia Journalism School in New York; and Brian Boyer, a computer programmer turned new media journalist who recently graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.
  • The backstroy on this free e-book
  • The Conversational Corporation examines the new ways your employees, the outside world and future generations will communicate and collaborate. From public conversations to social media projects started behind the firewall, social media tools are changing the way we work and altering the expectations of customers and colleagues.

    This e-book will help you explore the intersection between business and social media and understand the need to transform your organization into a “conversational corporation.”
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  • Kind of a FAIL blog for real estate listings. I love it!
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