links for 2009-05-01

  • "The investors, Ben Ray, Kevin Preblud, and Brad Gray, are pressing on, but with a smaller staff and narrowed news focus. "We haven't changed anything, we've got the name, the brand, the platform, and people from the Rocky are still contributing," Ray said. "We're not really trying to change the model at all."

    "Ray admits there is some confusion over the venture's future, especially since the announcement regarding last week's split came from writers, not the investment team. "Our message probably was confused, but as time went on we realized we do have something and we are moving forward."

    "An announcement regarding the site's future is expected today or tomorrow, but the next phase of the project will focus more on local business and sports coverage and employ a staff of 15 or fewer reporters. Ray and his team also continue to employ two ad salespeople, hired during the initial development of INDT, whom he says have already found success in securing advertisers."

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