links for 2009-04-30

  • "Collaboration is like the weather ie – it is wet. It is sloppy. It is filled with human emotion, trust, friendships, working habits, etc, etc. As a result you can’t create governing laws of collaboration “what comes up must go down.” Instead we can make informed predictions “10% chance of rain today.” Our ability to predict will get better over time"
  • Ethan Zuckerman riffs on the Harris HTC handheld device used by Census takers even though it doesn't work. Your tax dollars at work.
  • "Enough, enough," grumbled Lion. Everything always took ten times longer at inter-species meetings. "Let's just get down to business, shall we? The topic for today is humans – or Homo sapiens – and their-" he paused to sneer distastefully- "unnatural "heterosexual monogamy" business."

    "Oh come on," whined Albatross, "are we still going on about that? There are plenty of examples of monogamy across the animal kingdom. 90% of birds are monogamous!"

    Bear whispered under his breath, "Only 3% of mammals."

    Albatross huffed. "You mammalists! Really."

  • "On the Nielsen Online Blog, David Martin, Vice President for Primary Research at wrote that, while Twitter has grown exponentially in the past few months, it's having a hard time getting people to return to its site within a month. However – this raised a big question. Did Martin including the people who use Twitter via a "Twitter Client," such as TwitterFeed, TweetDeck and other mobile apps to post? No.

    "What's the big deal? According to TweetStats, 40% of the "Top 10 Twitter Apps" are from services other than Twitter. This is the equivalent of measuring YouTube users without measuring those who watch embedded YouTube videos on other sites or mobile phones. Martin freely discussed this, and says he hopes the data is not misleading."

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