links for 2009-04-19

  • "As I’m looking into the [role of Twitter in the] Moldova protests more closely, it’s clear that one of the interesting storylines is the use of the #pman tag for disinformation as well as for reporting on events on the ground. Jon Pincus notes that a hashtag is an open channel – in the same way that the #skittles tag, promoted by the company as a form of viral marketing ended up being used for NSFW posts, it’s hardly surprising that #pman would attrack trolls and disinformation.

    "On the other hand, participatory tools may be particularly effective at debunking this form of disinformation."

  • "For the last couple of months I’ve been receiving repeated emails from my loyal listeners about problems with the RSS feed for Metamor City. Episodes failed to download, or stopped in the middle, or only downloaded after many, many retries. Clearly something was wrong, yet my hosting service insisted that everything was working fine on their end.

    "Now I believe we have found the culprit. The problems appeared shortly after Google bought out Feedburner and compelled me to transfer the feed over to my Google account. Apparently Google has been redirecting the feed to their own archived copies of the show, which has been … less than efficient."

  • I wrote a post at the start of this race criticizing Kutcher for "not getting it." After watching his livecast on for the last few hours, I gladly take that back.

    Kutcher gets new media. His livecast during the race – a continuous live video stream over the internet – was an engaged conversation. He read followers' tweets on air, asked questions, and actively engaged his audience using Twitter. He linked us to YouTube clips and his chosen charity, He advanced his next cause, fighting human trafficking.

    "We can and will create our media," Kutcher said in his victory speech on "We can and will broadcast our media. We can and will censor our own media ourselves. We are over a million."

    All true, though understated

  • Before you rant about borrowing headlines as stealing, remember the interdependent history of news orgs well before the net.
  • if Pirate Bay sinks, file-sharing could simply shift to search engines like Google.

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