links for 2009-04-07

  • "Last year, considering the opportunities that e-book devices like the Amazon Kindle might someday create, Mr. Inman wrote his own thriller, “The Right Way to Do Wrong” and got TurnHere to film two dozen short videos with actors that augment the book’s main mystery. He recently began showing his Vook prototype to publishers as a way to hook them and their established writers on the idea.

    “We think there’s a real urgency in publishing to innovate with new kinds of content,” he says.

    "Vook tries to address a big problem for book publishers as they expand onto digital formats. For all the hype and initial success of devices like the Kindle, they threaten to strip traditional books of much of their transportive appeal. Images on the jacket cover, inviting fonts and the satisfying feel of quality paper are all largely absent, replaced by humdrum pixels on a virtual page."

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