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  • "While I am not sure if Twitter poses a threat to Google, I think it is clear that real-time search is increasingly important. And you can be sure that Google knows it. Will Google try to acquire Twitter, or take some other approach? Time will tell, but rather that wait, I decided to get realtime twitter search results on Google today. I created a Greasemonkey user script that does exactly this. It displays the most recent 5 tweets for the query that you are search for, giving both real-time Twitter search results and Google results on the same page"
  • It’s difficult to imagine a lot of enthusiasm greeting the i-News concept. Among the grounds for skepticism:

    * The goal of reducing print frequency won’t be accomplished by shifting printing expense to consumers. The price of reams of paper and printing cartridges will likely outstrip the consumer’s cost of a home delivered paper on newsprint.
    * The system adds inconvenience at the consumer end in the form of printer management.
    * It can already be done with FeedJournal, free, without a dedicated piece of equipment.
    * This method eliminates or minimizes serendipity, which is one of the things print still does better than digital delivery; it’s something consumers like, for both news and advertising content.
    * Newspaper companies should be getting out of the hardware business, not into it, and especially should avoid investing in proprietary, dedicated devices like this. (Although I’ve said that Hearst is smart to work on an e-reader)

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  1. Re: Print your own newpaper

    Again, why are we reinventing the horse?

    If it’s true that printing and delivery of a newspaper is the biggest (or second biggest) costs for publishers, why aren’t they tapping into into home computers, which a majority of their subscribers likely own?

    No, let’s create a new machine, a Kindle-like text reader, something that people will likely have to buy or lease at some ridiculous cost.

    Why not simply utilize e-edition publication to its fullest, continue to improve on it, and market it for all its technological advantages TODAY?

    This story almost made me want to check the calendar to see if that spring forward Daylight-Savings-time move propelled us to April 1.

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