links for 2009-01-26

  • Not free, but inexpensive.
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  • "When you use the TwitPwr short url service, we track the number of clicks that you drive via the Twitter API, and give your account a Power Rating. Your Power Rating is not only the unique traffic that you generate, but it's also based on how many Twitter users you refer to our service, and how much traffic they generate through unlimited generations. TwitPwr now has stats and analytics for submitted URLs."
  • "Irony: Comm wrote a 30 page report on Facebook on how social networking can improve your business which was very positive about Facebook.

    "Comm, like me, says he’ll be back on Facebook if they reenable his account but warns that people will get tired of this kind of treatment. “You know what, I don’t need big brother watching me and I’ll go use another site.”

    "Get Satisfaction, a site where you can leave customer complains for companies, has an extensive thread on this issue.

    "I agree. I refuse to use Facebook to conduct business and don’t upload many videos or photos there because I don’t support companies that “erase” MY data without my permission. I know of no other social network that does this in this way."

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