links for 2008-12-25

  • What do Carol Browner & Dick Cheney have in common besides running energy policy? (albeit with opposite agendas):

    "Don't bother looking for any electronic records of Carol Browner's first stint as a federal government executive. The soon-to-be Obama administration climate czar intentionally didn't keep many.

    "In sworn testimony obtained by The Washington Times, Ms. Browner disclosed that she refused to use e-mail when she served as President Clinton's Environmental Protection Agency chief in the 1990s for fear of leaving a digital trail. She also ordered her government computer hard drive wiped clean of records just before leaving office.

    "'It was a conscious decision not to use a piece of equipment or to learn how to use a piece of equipment because I didn't want to be in a situation similar to what I had been in FL,' she testified about government computers. The testimony referred to her days as an envl regulator in FL, where an e-mail message sent to her surfaced in litigation."

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