links for 2008-12-06

  • Newspaper companies (and many of their employees) hate modern journalism. They resent change they don't control. They're angry that "the people formerly known as the audience" have developed alternatives to their mass-media monopolies.

    They're angry for a lot of reasons, not all of them rational. And it blinds them to the obvious:

    * The social web isn't "Planet Facebook," you assholes.
    * Making fun of the word "twittering" doesn't make you clever or insightful.
    * Talking about how "good journalists" are responsible professionals who "add value" to information while you opine seriously about subjects you haven't even researched makes you look foolish.

    So while you Mainstream Journalism Big Brains are sweating over how to keep networked Web 2.0 media out of your newsrooms, we're already moving on toward Web 3.0, in which smart informatics agents are going to create news tools that are going to bitch-slap whatever remains of your 20th-century media companies in 2010.

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