links for 2008-11-18

  • Oooh, I like this! This is me!

    "Don’t be afraid of being a “polyconversationalist” (You caught me. I made up this word. For the purpose of social networking, it means one who converses with multiple people simultaneously.)

    "You are now part of an asynchronous microblogging world, multiple conversations are a reality. The beauty of it is the expectation that you’ll reply as you have time. When you “find the time” you may find yourself replying to multiple responses at one time. Get used to it…it’s what Twitter is all about."

  • Here's what this offer includes. It's not financial freedom, but it's an option.

    * You get a free TypePad Pro blog account. It even includes professional support.
    * You get enrolled in the Six Apart Media advertising program. These are real display ads, that pay a lot more than simple Google text ads, and you get to keep the revenue.
    * We'll promote your new site on It's a fast-growing directory of the best in blogs, and will be a very effective way for all of your peers in the Journalist Bailout Program to cross-promote and share traffic for your independent sites.
    * Lots more. Getting started with Six Apart opens the door to lots more ways to succeed in the future. We can introduce you to our VIP program to help drive traffic to your site, help you connect your blog to your LinkedIn profile, make it easy to manage your site's comments from an iPhone, and even show you how to automatically promote your posts to your Facebook friends.

  • "One of the biggest failures in lobbying transparency is the absence of any disclosure of actual meetings. The current state of transparency for lobbyists is poor. Lobbyists only have to file quarterly reports that do not detail with whom they are meeting, what they are meeting about, and what their client is seeking. Lobbyists are also only required to file semiannual reports detailing their contributions to lawmakers. All of this amounts to a less-than-satisfactory system of disclosure providing the public with an incredibly limited view into the workings of their government.

    "The idea of far greater transparency in government affairs is spreading fast. How can you tell? Today’s Washington Times carries an op-ed by one of Washington’s top lawyers, Lanny Davis, that includes both a full-throated defense of the lobbying profession and an endorsement for “total transparency.”

  • "The summit concluded that cutting staff doesn't reduce costs fast enough to save the industry, and "erodes" the product in the process, according to Steve Miller, executive chairman of auto-parts maker Delphi Corp who spoke at the conference.

    "Miller and Shein made several recommendations for the group, including collaboration with outside entities, "leveraging the brand," and being proactive in averting a collapse of the industry.

    "Although it may seem that the summit did little more than establishing that there is a "crisis," the API stated that the newspaper industry will probably need "outside help" to halt the slide.

  • "Fortunately, the API report on the summit does not mention any consideration of asking for a bailout. Unfortunately, the report does not detail a plan to save the industry. The shortest section of the report is headed "next steps" and the steps are vague. The CEOs agree to meet again in six months. They also will explore more collaboration, invest in research and development and consider sharing information."
  • "I love the concept of ‘citizen journalism’ but I find the use of the word ‘journalism’ or ‘journalist’ misleading in this context." Hmmm, this appears to be conflating the practice of journalism (which anyone can do) with the profession…

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