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  • Whadya think – can this make a difference? "As newspapers refocus their business models toward multiple platforms, the Newspaper Association of America will hold the first annual NAA mediaXchange, a new conference for industry professionals to share audience and revenue development strategies that have generated growth in print and online. The inaugural conference marks an increased focus on emerging digital platforms.

    "The quotes and photos appearing on this page highlight the value of educational content, networking and opportunities to meet with industry suppliers that attendees experienced at our 2008 events. We hope to see all of you at mediaXchange. The event is scheduled for March 9-11, 2009, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas."

  • From Feb. 2008: "I'm still troubled by a trickier question that's plagued me ever since I first started researching crowdfunding models: How is this different from political fundraising? Haven't candidates always been dependent on the crowd? Has the Internet—which was famously used to great effect by Howard Dean in 2004—changed the nature of political fundraising in a qualitative fashion ("More small donors change the whole paradigm!") or merely quantitative manner? ("Pshaw. Small donors have always been an essential ingredient to a campaign. Now they're just a bit more important.")

    "I'm staking out a position: Crowdfunding is an unprecedented phenomenon. While it predates the Internet in theory, it doesn't do so in practice. Obama, a game changer in so many other ways, has become the first crowdfunded presidential candidate."
    I think we have an answer to this question,

  • David Herrold of the Houston Chronicle recommends this conference series for addressing semantic web and other emerging online media topics in ways that are relevant to media people (not just geeks).
  • "I mentioned in my post last week that being in Washington D.C. was "more surreal than usual" because it was election time. Well, imagine being inside the White House just two days before the election! Because indeed, that's where I was…"

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