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  1. Thanks for the info on the meteor shower. Our chaise lounges are still out in the yard with their backs completely lowered for better viewing and no stiff neck. I throughly enjoyed the show, or the star party as I fondly refer to it. The added info is a plus.

    Incidentally, I linked to your site via Jeff Jarvis and his take on the creative class and Google rising. I tend to agree with you about finding what you are looking for on the web. It’s just increased our ability to develop our niches and interests however we damn well please.

  2. Hi, cheyanne

    Yeah, I saw a coupla fireballs monday night, that was beautiful. Glad you got to see the show, too 🙂

    And there are so many niches now it’s becoming obvious that niches are the norm, and mass-anything is an illusion (or at least a concept of convenience).

    – Amy

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