Weirdness with Delicious daily blog post: Other options?

For a long time, I’ve been using the Delicious daily blog post feature to syndicate to this site the  interesting stuff I’m saving and sharing via the popular social bookmarking service Delicious.

Since the recent Delicious upgrade, that service has had some issues.

First, that daily blog post stopped working for me entirely until I looked through the Delicious documentation and learned I now had to run the Postalicious plugin to continue making that feature work with WordPress. No biggie, I installed it.

Postalicious gave me a lot of new options for configuring that daily blog post.  I experimented with them. One option I liked was the ability to change the default title supplied to that post. Also, I temporarily changed my posting interval to hourly (so I’d show more posts with fewer links each), but decided I didn’t like that so today I switched it back to daily.

But today, I’m wondering whether Delicious has stopped working with Postalicious. Today’s links post is back to running the standard head Delicious supplied before: “Links for [DATE] (” I’m not happy with that heading, but right now I don’t seem to have the ability to change it.

I checked the Delicious support forum, where users are discussing the changes to this service. I noticed this interesting post from Britta of Delicious, regarding their future strategy for this service…

“This is a tough feature, with a disproportionate amount of complexity in it compared to it being a smallish part of Delicious (and used by a smallish number of people). It produces output that gets interpreted by several different kinds of endpoints (WordPress, Movable Type, etc.) – all with their own unexpected inconsistencies – and by individual servers with varying configurations. We rewrote a lot of this feature in order so that it could work on the new Delicious platform, and it seems that we didn’t do it quite right. This is frustrating for all of us.

“Daily blog posting also contains a long-standing security issue: we ask for your blog password and we store it. We take security very seriously and we carefully safeguard those passwords, but we’d rather not even know that kind of information about systems that are external to Delicious.

“So, we plan to try to shift toward encouraging community-maintained third-party plugins for this functionality, instead of having people depend on us to push updates from a central point. …We’ll be trying to fix daily blog posting, though. The [] thing should be gone soonish”

I understand that perspective. At the same time, I think I might try experimenting with some services other than Delicious to meet my need for syndicating a daily links post. Even though I do love the 1000-character limit on Delicious posts — ample room to offer some real commentary as well as meaty quotes. (In other words, real content.)

I notice that the Postalicious plugin also will syndicate shared links from ma.gnolia, Google Reader, Reddit, and Yahoo Pipes.

I really like Delicious for the most part and would prefer to stick with it — especially because I have created a large body of content there with a rich tag set. So I’m just experimenting to know what my options are, not necessarily to switch. And I know that one of my options is to funnel my Delicious posts through a custom Yahoo Pipe and then syndicate that to via Postalicious. But that would mean learning Yahoo Pipes… Something I’ve started a few times and quickly gave up in frustration…

Have you used Postalicious to syndicate content from any of these other services to a WordPress blog? What did you think of the setup process, and the results? Is it reliable and fairly simple? Please post your experiences and examples in the comments below. Thanks.

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