Interesting stuff, August 11th from 13:52 to 14:37

Here are some items that caught my interest, and why, from August 11th from 13:52 to 14:37:

  • Google Gmail, Google Apps Outage in the Cloud | – Google Gmail and Google Apps messaging and collaboration services in the cloud suffered an outage of nearly 15 hours. Google Gmail and Google Apps users spent their time away from the messaging and collaboration platforms flogging the company on the Google Apps discussion group. Can Microsoft and other SAAS newcomers take advantage of these Google Gmail and Google Apps outages?

    Several Google users, some of them paying customers, found themselves knocked out of Google Apps and Gmail after an "access issue" knocked out the company’s software as a service suite for 15 hours.

  • Online Event Registration Service – Eventbrite – This might be useful for registration/RSVP for some events I have planned coming up. Jack Vinson told me it's a free service for free events. Have you used this service? What did you think?

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