Interesting stuff, August 10th from 15:45 to 15:45

Here are some items that caught my interest, and why, from August 10th from 15:45 to 15:45:

  • BarCampHouston3 recap | David Herrold – This is a pretty good recap explaining why a BARcamp might be useful not just to geeks, but to media folks and others who work with geeks. Good stuff!

2 thoughts on Interesting stuff, August 10th from 15:45 to 15:45

  1. Amy, thanks for the link! We had a great time at BarCamp and got some great ideas for other “Camps.”

    After sitting around the pub with some fellow campers we decided that a “FoodCamp” would be a fantastic idea. Why not gather local foodies together to talk about their favorite recipes and do live demos of some more interesting cooking techniques? And think of the sponsorship potential for local restaurants and bars.

    It seems like it could be a lot of fun.

    Of course, we might have to schedule ExerciseCamp soon after FoodCamp to work off the excess calories. :\

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