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I’m using a new FriendFeed account, amylive, as a backup for my live coverage in case Twitter fails (which happens).

I’m here at the last day of BlogHer 2008 in San Francisco, where I’ve been covering live coverage of some sessions via my amylive account on Twitter. (Many other attendees have been tweeting about the conference, too.)

My amylive Twitter account is separate from my regular agahran account — because when I’m doing live coverage the tweets come fast and furious, in a way that’s overwhelming and annoying to people who aren’t interested in the event.

Trouble is, Twitter is prone to abrupt failure. Yesterday it went down during the morning keynote, which was a shame because some great things were said that I wasn’t able to transmit.

So I’ve figured out a backup plan: Friendfeed, which seems to have more reliable up-time than Twitter.

Here’s my strategy so far. Tell me what you think…

I already have a daily-use Friendfeed account (agahran), which I haven’t used very much so far. Yesterday I set up a seperate account, amylive on Friendfeed. My amylive Friendfeed account is pulling in my amylive Twitter posts.

Now, if you want to follow my live event coverage your simplest option is to follow amylive on Friendfeed rather than Twitter. You’ll see all my live coverage there, regardless of whether I post it from Twitter or Friendfeed. Then, if Twitter craps out on me in the midst of live coverage and I have to switch to Friendfeed to keep posting, you won’t miss a beat.

If you prefer to follow my live coverage via Twitter, that’s fine. I’ll keep posting live coverage via Twitter unless Twitter craps out, because most people interested in that coverage follow me via Twitter (so far). It doesn’t yet seem possible to push Friendfeed posts out to Twitter. So at this point I don’t plan to post all my event coverage initially from Friendfeed. It’s just a backup.

That said, you might still want to subscribe to amylive on Friendfeed as a backup — just so you know where to jump to if Twitter goes down.

This strategy is a work in progress. I’m sure I’ll refine it more as I use it. If you have any suggestions, please comment below. Thanks!

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