Future of Civic Media: Live Coverage this Week (Twitter Permitting)

David Cohn of Spot.us gets geeky at the MIT Media Lab.

Yesterday I arrived in Boston, where starting this evening I’ll be attending a conference at MIT for winners of the Knight News Challenge. This event is hosted by MIT’s new Center for the Future of Civic Media.

I’ll be covering this event — at first on my live coverage Twitter account, amylive. To see my coverage, follow me there.

I’ve also set up a special group Twitter account for attendees via the GroupTweet service. That account is KNCwinners — but it isn’t working properly just yet. You can start following that account now, if you like. I’ll keep trying to troubleshoot the problem. When it’s fixed, you’ll start seeing posts there not only from me but from other attendees like Dave Cohn (Spot.us), Lisa Williams (Placeblogger) and many more bright media folks.

Enjoy! And let’s just hope Twitter doesn’t have too many serious problems over the next few days!

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