Los Angeles Times Switches to All-Wiki Format

…OK, not really. It’s an April Fool’s Day spoof from Bunkmag.com, and it’s definitely better than any prank I’ve dreamed up so far today. If you need a laugh (and really, who in the news business doesn’t?) then go check out The Los Wikiless Timespedia. This had me in hysterics, especially considering the LA Times’ infamous wikitorial debacle of 2005.

Here are a few highlights that appeared on this editable site as of the posting of this Tidbit (although I can’t guarantee any of this will still appear exactly as described, or at all, when you go there):

Want to join the “staff” of the Los Wikiless Timespedia? just sign up as a Bunkwiki contributor and post/edit to your heart’s content!

(I cross-posted this piece from Poynter’s E-Media Tidbits. Thanks to David Thomas for the tip via Twitter.)

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