Get my favorite news headline podcasts via MediaFly

My Mediafly profile currently contains these news headline podcasts.

Yesterday I offered some tips about making news podcasts smart. Today, Contentious reader Carson commented, “You should create a public profile on to allow people easy access to those feeds. Or, take their public RSS aggregated feed and put it on your blog, then people just need to sign up for one feed instead of all of them.”

Great idea, Carson! Thanks!

I hadn’t known about MediaFly, so I just checked it out. It is indeed a really useful tool for sharing podcasts. (Yet another example of my community collectively being much smarter and better connected than I am — perhaps my main motivation for blogging.)

So I just created a public profile on MediaFly and moved all my news headline podcast subscriptions over there. It seems to work well with my iTunes.

Anyway, here’s the feed for my collection of favorite news headline podcasts, if you want to check them out: feed://

That’s probably the easiest way to get them all at once. Keep in mind that I try out new podcasts periodically, so the shows in that feed will vary somewhat over time.

Whadya think? Does this work for you?

4 thoughts on Get my favorite news headline podcasts via MediaFly

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  2. Hi Amy,
    Good question. I find I get more honest assessments of the service if people don’t know at first who I am. My apologies if you took any offense to that. I created Mediafly because I love what podcasting can do for people and content producers and I like to get real honest feedback from the people on how well we are contributing to that ecosystem.

    In fact many of our best innovations that are in the pipeline now have come because of great feedback.


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