Will someone please think of the grad students?

wilde-oscar.jpgI’m in the midst of an intriguing IM chat with Lisa Williams (of Placeblogger and H2otown). I shared a stray thought with her:

Me: Do you think someday someone will post “the collected IM chat transcripts of so-and-so” like they publish the letters of Oscar Wilde?

Lisa: I’m sure of it! Won’t someone please think of the graduate students ;->

Which got me thinking: If Oscar Wilde was alive today, he’d definitely be blogging — and probably Twittering up a storm. And he’d be damn eloquent, witty, and brilliant about it, too.

One thought on “Will someone please think of the grad students?

  1. Don’t laugh but when I first got “hooked” onto the net back in 1996, the people I befriended recently shared with me that they saved our IM chats (we still talk!). I had no idea! I do not remember what I said back then as a newbie. Sometimes you want to let your guard down but then you have to be careful of how you may be interpreted 100 years from now! Thanks for your thoughts as always!

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