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Pinkbelt, via Flickr (CC license)
Do you really NEED another catalog? I don’t — which is why I’m trying out Catalog Choice.

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Tony Pierce, editor of LAist, is moving to the LA Times. Congrats!
  • Dopp Juice
    “The blogosphere is a cloud, not a box. If you have something to offer, start sharing it. Some people will pay attention while others won’t. What matters is that you’re giving yourself a voice, and you’re joining a network of other voices.” (tags: blogging motivation)

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Liveblogging via a second Twitter account

I just created a separate Twitter account for liveblogging. You can follow me there.

One reason I started using the popular microblogging tool Twitter was to experiment with liveblogging events such as conference sessions. While Twitter is not a perfect tool for this prupose, it’s less clumsy than trying to liveblog with a traditional tool such as WordPress or Typepad, I’ve found.

When I’m live-Twittering an event, I tend to post lots of “tweets” in quick succession. This can be overwhelming to my regular Twitter followers.

Therefore I’ve decided to experiment with another Twitter liveblogging approach: I’ve created a separate Twitter account called amyliveblogging. When I liveblog an event (as I’ll do with some sessions at the Total Community Coverage seminar I’ll be attending and presenting at next week), I’ll do it through that account. This way, such posts won’t clutter my regular Twitter account.

This’ll give people who want to follow me on Twitter to get only my regular day-to-day tweets, only my event coverage, or both.

Again, this is all just an experiment. We’ll see how it works out.

What do you think of this approach? Got any questions, comments, or critiques? Please comment below.

Having trouble posting comments to this blog?

Trevor Blake, via Flickr (CC license)
I’ve got access to this blog locked up a bit better now, but with some side effects…

You may recall, a few weeks ago this blog got hacked by a spammer who apparently gained access to my blog by stealing my password when I logged in via a public wifi connection.

Since then, I’ve implemented some security measures for when I’m logging in away from my home network. Actually, I didn’t do the real security work — Tom Vilot and Justin Crawford were gracious and skilled enough to help me out. (Thanks, guys!)

One thing that’s helped is that Tom installed a WordPress plugin to provide me with secure (SSH) login access to this blog when I’m away from home. This should prevent anyone from stealing my blog password over open wifi. It works very well in that regard.

However, when I have this plugin activated, there are side effects. For instance, I lose the visual editor (minor inconvenience) and post preview (more significant inconvenience). But most notably, this plugin prevents some people — although not all — from leaving comments on this blog. We haven’t diagnosed and fixed that problem yet.

In the meantime: If you get an error when you try to leave a comment on Contentious, please e-mail me with your comment, Contentious post title or URL, and your URL (if any) and I’ll post it on your behalf. Apologies for the inconvenience.

I’ll be activating the security plugin anytime I’m blogging away from home, especially when I’m away on business trips. But most of the time I’ll leave if deactivated.

Have you experienced similar problems with secure access for WordPress? If so, were you able to solve them, and how? Please comment below (if you can, heh heh heh…).