VOIP telephony: Getting frustrating

Hey, VOIPyourlife: I’m not smiling…

A couple of months ago I signed up for an internet-based (VOIP) phone service called VOIPyourlife. I’d growing increasingly dissatisfied with the high cost and lack of key features from my landline provider.

There are several things I like about VOIPyourlife — a good web-based interface for configuring the features on my account, and sending my voice mail messages as .wav files to my e-mail totally works for me.

However, I’ve been having connectivity problems. I’ve noticed lately that whenever I make a call, it takes up to 20 seconds fromt he time I dial to when it starts ringing. About 25% of the time it doesn’t connect at all and I have to redial. Even more frustratingly, sometimes I dial, it starts ringing, and then it disconnects or gives me a busy tone. What’s THAT all about?

Features aside, one thing I definitely need from phone service is that it just works. I’m now seriously considering going totally mobile, if I can find an affordable plan with an short-term contract (1 year or less) and understandable billing. Recommondations? Please comment below.

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  1. Hi,

    VoIP weirdies can more often be your router or ISP. If you have any QoS settings on your router, enable them. You’ll always have some delay when dialing because your VoIP adapter will have to wait for you to stop pressing buttons before it considers the number complete.


  2. Tip: when you finished typing in the number you want to dial, hit the pound # key and it will immediately start the connection process.
    Also, the company took on a lot more users when sunrocket went belly-up. That could be why there are more connectivity issues lately.

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