links for 2007-12-02
Tony Pierce, editor of LAist, is moving to the LA Times. Congrats!
  • Dopp Juice
    “The blogosphere is a cloud, not a box. If you have something to offer, start sharing it. Some people will pay attention while others won’t. What matters is that you’re giving yourself a voice, and you’re joining a network of other voices.” (tags: blogging motivation)

  • SharedCopy
    UPDATE: There is a public version of this service, see the comments to this post. “Simply click on the bookmark & start using SharedCopy! You choose who to reveal the copy’s link to, we’ll never publish the link anywhere on the website.” — Except that when someone posted this on my blog, it showed up in my comment moderation queue.” (tags: sharing privacy web2.0 services problems)

  • Pipes: Rewire the web
    I still need to check this out: “Yahoo Pipes: Aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web. Like Unix pipes, simple commands can be combined together to create output that meets your needs.” I need to investigate this tool.” (tags: feeds mashup tools web2.0)

2 thoughts on links for 2007-12-02

  1. Hi Amy,

    Just to clear up the misunderstanding, the quote you lifted from the website describes the default, private bookmark facility.

    There is a public bookmark facility, described in the paragraph just below the one you quoted.

    Your commenter had used the public bookmark facility instead. When using public bookmarking, comments are trackbacked to the original webpage so as to keep the communications public.

    Hope you don’t get the impression that we lied about our privacy claims

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