My Blogging Ethics Panel Expands

In just under a week, on Nov. 8, I’ll be leading what may be the biggest panel (at least numerically) at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas. The topic is Blogging Ethics. If you’re attending, it’s part of the “Advanced Track” in room S220 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, 10:15-11:45 am.

A couple of days ago I invited Contentious readers to help me brainstorm on this topic. So far, no takers — but really, I could use your help.

Originally the panel was to include four brilliant people and myself. I’ve been fortunate to add two more luminaries to the lineup: Lynne d Johnson (senior editor, and Josh Lasser (TV section editor, Blogcritics Magazine).

I tried to check the BlogWorld Expo speakers page to make sure all my panelists are listed, but that page isn’t displaying for me. This might just be a glitch with my browser. But in case it’s not, here are the photos and bios of everyone who will be on this panel…

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