Barcelona is great, my Macbook is not

Just a quick update — I’m greatly enjoying my brief vacation in Barcelona. Last night a friend and I enjoyed tapas, tempranillo, and an AWESOME flamenco fusion trio in the courtyard of a Catalonian cafe. Here are some photos I took in Barcelona and at the seaside town of Vilanova i la Geltru.

However, my Macbook is not doing so well. Something went wrong with the power system and I can’t charge it. Most likely the electrical outlet adaptor I’d been using fried out and took with it either my laptop’s power adaptor or battery. I don’t think the hard drive or motherboard is fried because the machine worked until the charge ran out completely. But I cannot charge my machine at all right now, that’ll have to wait until I’m stateside. Sunday or Monday I’ll be visiting an Apple store in the states to diagnose the problem, replace the components, or replace the machine.

I’m just accepting this as a backhand blessing from the Goddess of Serendipity, who continues to smile upon me (or laugh at me, I’m not sure which sometimes). It’s good for me to take an enforced online vacation. I’ll live.

Anyway, Barcelona ROCKS! Come here if you can. Meanwhile I’m off to tour a Gothic Cathedral, followed by more tapas. I could live like this, I think — although I would need a functioning computer as some point or my head might implode.

6 thoughts on Barcelona is great, my Macbook is not

  1. Amy

    Sorry to hear about your Macbook woes. My instinct tells me it’s probably the charger that’s blown based on the fact the macbook continued to function until it ran out of juice.

    Barcelona sounds wonderful. I’ll add it to my list of places to visit.

    Have a great weekend and a safe journey home.

    – Neil.

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  3. It was indeed the charger. While in NJ visiting family after the Barcelona trip, I stopped at the Apple Store and got a new charger. Fortunately, that did the trick, I’m back in business.

    But it did help to have at least a semi-vacation from being online. I’ll blog more about that later.

    – Amy Gahran

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