More Gmail space; still waiting for GTDinbox update

A month after Google announced it was going to increase free storage space for Gmail users by an unspecified amount, I’m still seeing the storage space in my account creep steadily upward.

For context, a month ago my account had about 2.9 G of space, with 59% of it used. As of this morning, I have just over 4.8 G of space, with only 38% of it used.

Pretty cool!Also recently Google unveiled its new version of Gmail. The update hit my account Thursday. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, because I rely on the GTDinbox Firefox plugin for task management, which isn’t compatible with the new Gmail. The makers of that great plugin are working on a Gmail-happy upgrade. So for now I’m still using the older version of Gmail. A new version of GTDinbox may be out this week.By the way, if you’re a fan of GTDinbox too, please do consider donating to support its development and maintenance. I just did. They work very hard on this free tool.

– Nov. 14: 4927 MB
– Nov. 15: 4852 MB, 37% used

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