GTDinbox clashes with Gmail update

What’s happening with the GTDinbox upgrade? Watch the Productive Firefox blog.

Apparently, Gmail is undergoing a major upgrade, which is being rolled out to users. The upgrade hasn’t hit my account yet — but at least I’ll be spared a nasty shock when it does.

As I’ve mentioned before, I rely heavily on the GTDinbox Firefox add-on (which applies David Allen’s Getting Things Done productivity system functionality to Gmail) to manage my tasks and life. The Productive Firefox blog, by the creators of this tool, recently announced that GTDinbox doesn’t yet work with the new version of Gmail.

A new version of GTDinbox that will work with the new Gmail should be out soon — so if you haven’t yet started using this tool, you might want to wait for that. (Watch the Productive Firefox blog for the announcement.)

In the meantime, if you get hit with the Gmail upgrade, you can apparently select an option to use the older version of Gmail, so you can keep using GTDinbox until the new release is ready. Here’s the latest news on the progress of that upgrade.


2 thoughts on GTDinbox clashes with Gmail update

  1. Hey, Amy —

    My gmail account got upgraded, and there is indeed a link to the “older version.” The GTD add-on does show up there.

    Another small problem with the new version is that the left-side navigation bar is thinner for some reason — cutting off my labels. Haven’t figured out how to fix that yet.


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