My Radio-Controlled Clock Goofed. Did Yours?

Radio-controlled clocks can be… entertaining…

No, daylight savings time 2007 did NOT end in the US today. That’s next Sunday, Nov. 4. Over in the EU the clocks did change today, but not here. So why did the radio-controlled clock in my living room, which is governed by the WWVB radio signal from the atomic clock at the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST, which is right here in Boulder, CO) think today was the day to roll back an hour?

I tried resetting the clock, but got the same result. Eventually I had to change the setting to Central time (an hour ahead of my Mountain time zone) to get it to show the “right” time. And next Sunday, I suppose I’ll have to switch it back.

Did this happen to anyone else today?

4 thoughts on My Radio-Controlled Clock Goofed. Did Yours?

  1. My clock did the same thing. My husband went to work an hour early so I guess it wasn’t all that bad. I guess I’ll have to live with it being an hour behind for another week. Hey, if its already and hour behind will it be 2 hrs. behind when time changes Nov. 4th?

  2. All three of our Radio-synched clocks (from 2 different manufacturers) switched this weekend as well. Has anyone been able to decode the WWVB broadcast signal to see if the DST flag was inadvertently turned on?

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