Gmail Space: Still Growing….

On Oct. 18 I posted about how Google’s free Gmail service has been gradually increasing the storage space allocated to its users. Around Oct. 15 the space in my account was at about 2.9 G, with 59% of it used. As of today, I’m at just over 4.4G, with only 40% of that space used.


So what? For me, it matters because I rely on Gmail to manage my tasks and priorities via GTDinbox. One reason I do that is because Gmail has an excellent search capability for the content of messages. So for me, more space means that I can search back over a longer history. And free matters to me because, well, I prefer to save money where it makes sense to do so.

However, I know other people have taken to using Gmail as a backup service — either by e-mailing important files to themselves, or by using utilities like GMFS.

Personally, I don’t use Gmail as a backup service because I want my backup to be something I can easily restore to my computer in the event of hardware loss or damage, or accidental deletion. I back up my computer regularly to both and external hard drive and a cheap online backup service (Mozy). Also, as far as I know Gmail’s search functions does not yet include the content of attachments, which for me significantly reduces the temptation to use Gmail for backup purposes. (I like to be able to search for specific stuff in my backup, occasionally). But that’s just me.

Anyway, I’ll continue to update my own storage space below. (All times listed are in the U.S. Mountain time zone):

Oct. 27:
– 12:20 pm: 4439 MB

Oct. 28:
– 5:00 pm: 4467 MB

Oct. 29:
– 1:00 pm: 4494 MB

Oct. 30:
– 5:00 pm: 4520 MB

Oct. 31:
– 1:00 pm: 4548 MB

Nov. 2:
– 11:15 am: 4580 MB
– 1:00 pm: 4602 MB

Nov. 3:
– 6:45 pm: 4635 MB

Nov. 5:
– 7:00 pm: 4683 MB

Nov. 6:
– 3:00 pm: 4712 MB (39% used)

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